Intelligent Data
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About evo.ID

Evolution Markets’ evo.ID price database is the industry’s most extensive database of historical prices for environmental and energy markets.

The evo.ID is the power behind the award-winning evo.ID online market data platform, and it leverages the decade-long experience of Evolution Markets’ brokers in a wide range of environmental and energy markets. We have made this data is available for sale through the evo.ID in custom configurations, which include a broad set of markets and terms, as well as a variety of data sets.

More information on evo.ID is below. Please contact our data sales representatives at: +1 914.323.0235 or for more information or to purchase a customized data package.

Broad Market Coverage

Evolution Markets’ evo.ID includes historical price and other market data for a broad range of terms from a comprehensive selection of environmental and energy markets. Coverage includes:

  • Global Carbon (EUAs, CERs, RGGI)
  • U.S. Emissions (SO2, NOx)
  • U.S.Coal
  • Biofuels
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Natural Gas
  • Nuclear Fuels

Deep Data

Our Database includes daily bid-ask-last prices, daily settle prices, implied and historic volatility data, and forward price curves for a wide range of actively traded terms.

Our data goes back ten years for the more established environmental and energy markets, and since inception for newer markets. evo.ID also features comprehensive daily price data for less liquid and transparent markets, such as emerging environmental markets and off-spec energy markets.

Accessible and Fast

Purchasing customized historical data packages from evo.ID is easy…and fast. Our datasets are available in Excel spreadsheet format, and in most cases can be delivered in less than one day.